Monday, February 22, 2010

It's Time To Relax Sekajap..

Rasanya sudah lama nda check-in hotel-hotel di Brunei and i cant remember bila my last check-in hotel di Brunei ani. Well recently we just check-in di Jubilee Hotel, located di Bandar near Kianggeh. Actually this was my friends idea pasal malas mau turun ke BSB esuk esuk 4am since kami involved in marching untuk National Day pagi. We arrived sini petang around 4pm cematu.. Yeah.... Our room number is 604 di tingkat.
Me and Duan took a look around bilik ani. Its big and its comfortable. Our room facing pemandangan tambing Kianggeh. The living room nya clean, ada mini sofa which completes with TV, ice-box sama sebuah meja makan.

Since all of us semuanya ada 4 orang so kami booked bilik yg untuk 4 katil. The rate for this room is $145 so kami bahagi 4 jadi bayar around $35 seorang. Completes with complementary breakfast (which is my first time makan American Breakfast LOL)

Lets move, shall we... Hahahaa....
Let me share with you guys the rate every room yang terdapat di sini just incase you guys mau tau saja. Check this out :-

1. Standard Room $70
2. Superior Suit $95
3. DEluxe Suite $120
4. Executive Suite $145
5. Family Suite $145
6. Superior Deluxe $180.

And all room are depends on how many beds you need.

So enough with that. For more information can call 2228070 or check their website, its

Selamat Menyambut Hari Kebangsaan.. See ya'.......

My New Weight. Hahahaa!!!

Salam and hello everyone.. Esuk Brunei Darussalam akan menyambut Hari Kebangsaan ke 26 Tahun and esuk jua kami tekana lagi ikut perbarisan untuk sambutan esuk pagi di Taman SOAS di Bandar Seri Begawan. Malam ani kami ramai-ramai check-in di Jubilee Hotel so that esuk pagi kami nda payah kan rushing turun ke BSB. Malam ani we went out just to released our stress and lagipun bukan selalu jua kami jalan-jalan. We took pictures di NBT Toyota Gadong and i love this new picture of me.
Seriously i have lose weight start bulan August 2009 until now February 2010. Masa August last year atu my weight is 96KG and now Alhamdulillah 77kg-79kg Hehehee.. Some people realised the changed and YES i answered them "jogging saja selalu", "exercise saja"..

Usually sebelum ani i have no interested in doing exercise bersukan or anything. I have no idea cemana tiba-tiba awareness atu datang dengan tiba-tiba saja. So i start exercise di Hutan Simpan Sungai Liang lepas balik kerja around 30-45 minutes. Bukan main banyak palukkk keluar.. The good news is that my seluar kerja yang kan 2 tahun begantung pasal sempit dulu NOW sudah boleh pakai semula. Some of my baju yang lama beparam PUNNN sudah boleh pakai semula. Its a good achievement for me. Hehehee... Anyway thats all for now. Saja kan share how happy i am sudah dapat turunkan berat badan. Im target 70kg pasal my BMI said my ideal weight is 70kg, im 5'6" anyway Hehehee...

Hopefully you guys enjoy the new picture of me.. Thanks for visiting this blog..

Take care everyone..Mwahhh!!!!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I Enjoyed The Dragon and Lion Dance... Roarrr!!!!

Its been a week sudah Chinese New Year celebration ani and im still cant get enough lion dance show Hahahaaa… Di KB payah ku tejumpa this dance show pasal jarang kan kedapatan. Ada sekali atu kedapatan BUT I forgot my camera. Entah kenapa tia kah gatalll hari atu terlupa membawa camera ah .. Benci ku……

Well luckily pagi ani something happen on my way kan having breakfast. Hahahaa… On my way balik ke Tutong after news, c-Kasihz call me and kan membawa breakfast macam biasa. Katanya ia kan tgl kan kreta for car wash di mana-mana kawasan di town atu. She ended menyuci di Serambangun and I picked her sana. When we reached town, matanya taranggg nampak lion dance depan kedai sungai sebelah Hongkong Bank. Hahahaa… Nda kami jadi breakfast, kami bubut lion dance atu LOL!!!

Im so so excited to see the dance show. Im the one who took the picture and she the one took the video. Hahahaa.. Hari ani I bring my camera.. LUCKY!!!

I asked one of the orang kuat arah lion dance atu and he said lepas ani drg ke Hua Hoo pasal ada big show sana combined dgn students dari KB. Waaa… Now we head down to Hua Hoo Petani Mall and wait for the show kan 30 minutes..

Anyway enjoy with the pictures.. Thanks to the peoples di Hua Hoo for giving me excess to enter the area and took the pictures for the news..

Happy Chinese New Year.. Roarrr!!!!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

I Went To Product Mukim and Kampung Exhibition Today!!!

Happy Chinese New Year untuk kaum cina di Brunei or di mana saja mereka berada. Its public holiday today and its a gooddddd gooddddd time to relax-ing or plan to go mana-mana. Well actually today i dont have anything to do and no live broadcast today jua. Sooo.. Yesterday i planned kan ke Temburong arah Belais Buda-Buda, this kampung have won ACK yesterday and its really attract me to go there sekali to see 'how lawa' the kampung is. Since i woke-up late today, so nda sempat lah pigi Temburong. I havent go to Temburong lama sudah and kinda miss that place sometimes. Its my first time to see this exhibition sini and nda crowded. Yahoo, senang mengambar..
I said to my mama, "Mama, you mau ke ICC liat pameran?" and she said "Bah manasaja".. Around 2.30pm we bertolak dari rumah and zoom to ICC. Equipt with my camera as usual and snap snap snapp maca biasa.
I took a clser look at the exhibition. All four district showcase their product. Every kampung here try their best to attract the visitor with their keistimewaan tersendiri. The background over here really make me loves the pictures and the colour. I asked my friend to gambarkan myself here at the nice background of Kuala Belait and Tutong.

Aku rindu Temburong!!!!
These gorgeous women and guy datang dari Kampung Bukit and kawasan sekitarnya. They have the talent and the energy to produced handycraft product..

There you go. This are the product yg kena buat oleh bisdurang. I'm sure its not easy to do all this stuff. I have witnessed cara membuat kraftangan cemani before..

Anyway peoples, thats all for now. Oh for your information, pameran produk kampung ani kena rasmikan oleh His Majesty Sultan on Saturday 13th February 2010. Together we support the effort done by MPK and MPM and this visit was one of my support to them.

BRAVO you Bruneian...

UNGU KARMILA, This book really thrill me!!!

Let me share with you what buku I currently read at the moment..I bought this new novel at One Borneo KK during my vacation last month. Its my first time own the book yang kena tulis oleh Ramlee Awang Murshid. The cover really really attract me.. The wording depannya says "Novelis Thriller No.1 Malaysia" which attract me to own it. Bah right now baru habis Chapter 23 Page 169. Semuanya ada 511 pages. I have to finish this in few days.. Tadaa.... Gong Xii Faa Chaiii untuk warga Cina in Brunei Darussalam...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pulau Manukan.. Here I Come..

Hello everyone.. Now im back to activate this blog. Sorry lama nda mem-blog ani, been damam for a week ariatunya, entah nda tau dimana silapnya sampai demam berat atu.

Anyway let me share with you one of my amazing vacation recently. I went to Kota Kinabalu masa 21st January last month until 24th January, 4days in KK were not enough for me but i have to going back home jua pasal im getting homesick since the 2nd day. We reached KK malam Thursday 21st and went to Pulau Manukan on Saturday 23rd January morning.

Dari Centrepoint we jalan kaki to The Jesselton Point which takes about 20-30 minutes walking, peoples say "lama jua jalan kaki". Yeah but you have friends around you and time goes very fast sampai nda terasa that you walked more than 3 km to reach Jesselton Points. We reach J.S around 10+ and looked for Thaddius, my new friend that i know who arranged out trip to Manukan. After get our boat ticket and the snorkling set di jetty, we departed to Manukan. About 10-15 peoples in the boat and all of us have to wear the life jacket for safety reason (you wont get drown kalau gugur, Hahahaaa!!!)

Pulau Manukan, here i come.. I have travel from Brunei just want to see you Hahahaaa... What a nice weather that day. Cuacanya redup, mendung and nda panas. The sea level is just OK and since it was Saturday, its crowded with peoples. When we enter the island, we paid RM3 (they asked me to pay RM3 because they thought im one of the Malaysian Hahahaaa...) After looked for a good location, kami drop barang di pondok and start to changed clothes.

I sit for a while and say to myself "I cant believe in here, i've been travelling this far sudah".. Ahhh forget it, let have some fun..

After spend around 2-5 hours snorkling, i took a look around the pulau and start snapping pictures. YES its a nice pulau indeed. They got lots of facilities here from public phone, mini shops, toilet, information desk and many more.. Whats more? Entah Hahahaaa..............

Spending time dari pagi ke petang di sini was so fantastic, amazing, great and fun. I forget all the works waiting for me in Brunei Hahahaa... And i forgot that i have to read the news next week in the studio Hahahaaa.....

5pm was the last pick-up from the island to Jesselton Point. At 4.15pm we all took a shower, packing semua barang and went to the jetty waiting for our boat. The sea level rise sudah and still i can see the fish, the corals.. Waiting for the boat giving me chances to took pictures of myself around the jetty, the jetty was niceand clean..

It's 5pm and i have to say GOODBYE to Pulau Manukan. Don't worry, i'll be back here soon, very soon Hahahaaa...

Bye everyone. Thats the trip story for ya Hahahaa.....