Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I want the SONY Bloggie Camera!!!!!!

Hello everyone, its time to blog lagi.. Anyway nowadays im more into gadgets sudah yang cangiih-canggih like camera and videocamera.. Handphone is also a gadget but im not into mobile phone sudah.. Well recently i read the Bulletin pasal the launching Sony Bloggie Camera. Its a new camera keluaran Sony and im planning to get one for myself during my birthday nanti, kalau murah jua Hahahahaa!!! Im planning kan ke kadai yang menjual camera atu and give myself a trial memakai camera ah, let see how it goes.. Bah here i post you the articles dalam Bulletin masa launching camera atu.

The Sony distributor in Brunei - Multitrons Sdn Bhd - last night launched two pocket-sized bloggie cameras.

The new stylish mobile HD snap cameras allow for easy HD video captures into small file sizes, thus making it easy for web-savvy youths to shoot, upload and share candid moments with their friends online.

Last night's event was attended by Sony Principal Diana Soh, as well as Multitrons' General Manager KP Wong and Marketing Manager KS Chin. The 5.0-megapixel MHS-CM5 and MHS-PM5K are able of recording high-definition videos of up to 1,920 x1,080 resolutions as well as taking photos and, with a built-in USB arm and embedded Picture Motion Browser (OMB) Portable Software, the bloggie enables seamless recording, connecting and uploading online.

Its simple built-in connecting cable ensures that users no longer need to have troublesome cables to meddle with when connecting the device to a PC and, with the PMP portable, users can also easily pre-select images and videos from the bloggie before uploading to their personal social media channels. These would allow them to video-blog easily and thus, from shooting to sharing, the bloggie promises an easy-to-use device as well as an extraordinary experience.
The Multitrons' General Manager noted that Sony recognises today's social media as persuasive, with web-savvy people who are enthusiastically and constantly sharing their experiences as well as memories online via videos and photos.

Designed with these connected individuals in mind, the bloggie is a simple-to-use web companion for anyone who likes to capture photos and videos on the go, while sharing these moments with their friends and networks instantly, he added. Shooting with the bloggie is effortless, as it is not necessary to adjust controls to get perfect pictures as the intuitive bloggie features full auto-shooting for an easy imaging experience and users can capture moving visuals in various optimum settings determined by the bloggie - indoors and outdoors alike.
In addition to these features, the Face Detection mode and SteadyShot image stabilisation technology ensure clarity in all photos and videos.

The lightweight bloggie is also designed to fit every pocket, power-packed with features and a perfect companion for individuals who like to stay connected with their friends by sharing their precious moments online. Coming in four playful colours - pink, blue, white and violet - it also comes with a built-in 270 degrees' rotating lens equipped with 4x digital zoom lens for capturing razor-sharp stills and an expandable memory stick as well as the SD/SDHC memory card slot.
The users therefore can record up to five hours and 20 minutes' worth of high-resolution videos, thus enabling the creation of an expansive library of movies as well as images to share with their family and friends.

With just a flip, the bloggie is automatically switched on and users can capture perfect video moments as well as making self-shooting effortless and fun. This feature also enables users to include themselves in their homemade clips - a perfect gadget for connected consumers who are always on the go.
Story and pictures are courtesy of Borneo Bulletin..

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Banjir kilat on the month.

Hello everyone.. Its the weekend and balik-balik ku dari KL ani kan setiap hari hujan saja.. Kesihatan ku pun tekacau jua masa ani pasal selesma sama batuk-batuk, fikiranku kan tidur saja batah-batah ani, barangkali pasal selesma atu kali jua ah.. Anyway since petang ani nada kan di buat di rumah and c-Helmi pun turun ke Brunei jua, so i decided kan jalan sama ia sebelum ia belajar di KL hujung bulan ani. As usual aku lalu jalanraya lama.. Hujan labat jua lagi.. Masa di Tanjong Nangka atu ada kejumpaan banjir kilat.. OMG ijap ku rosak kreta ku mun air naik bah.. Few road yang tekana banjir ani Tanjong Nangka, Sengkurong, Jerudong and Jangsak..

Anyway thats all for now.. Atu saja kali cerita yang kan di kongsikan minggu ani...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Amazing Trip to Singapore.

Hello everyone.. One week nda meng-update blog ani. Im just backed from Singapore and KL Malaysia. Its such a great and fabulous trip for me kali ani. I went to Singapore masa Thursday 6th May 2010. My flight pkl 1pm kalau nda silap and sampai di Singapore dalam pukul 2pm cematu.. As usual I hate flying Haahahaa…

Sampai di Singapore saja ada Abang Mok waiting for us. Dari Terminal 1 kami bejalan kaki ke Terminal 2, its just about 5 minutes away saja pakai MRT sana.. Dari Terminal 2 kami pakai MRT jua ke Raffles, MRT nya lajuuuu Hahahahaa!!! Save duit pakai MRT daripada pakai teksi..

Sampai di Raffles kami lunch dulu pasal aku kelaparannnnnn, kami lunch di sana and I love the foods.. Aku makan nasi sama steamboat, steamboat nya best berabisss…

After makan we went to Orchard.. Hahahaha siukkk shopping sini ganya MAHALLLL…. Tapi belurih plg pakaian sama kasut arah ZARA. ZARA best shopping untuk barang lelaki and the price not too expensive and not very cheap…Nda lama kami di Orchard pasal we running out of time sebab malam karang we back to KL jua..

So we head down to MRT di bawah tanah and tarus zoom ke Tempinis.. Hahahaha this place such a playground for me.. Shopping place!!!! LOL.. We spend dlm few hours sini, shopping makan minum shopping makan minum seperti biasa Hahahahaa!!!! Kak Wan sampai di Tempinis akhir sebab ia kerja lagi..

Anyway its nearly 10pm sudah, our flight pukul 11pm actually. Dari Tempinis kami terpaksa ambil teksi saja sebab banyak barang kan di bawa. It took about 10-15 minutes saja sampai di airport nya. Sampai di airport kami selajur packing barang dalam beg. Abang Mok helping us doing the packing thing while me doing aktiviti meng-claim tax di sana Hahahaa!!! Everyone is rushing sudah sebab keakhiran sampai di airport, lalaiii jua tu ber-shopping, behantu nie shopping ah..Anyway I upload video Abang Mok packing the stuff for us kemudian Hahahahaa…

After we say goodbye to Abang Mok sama Kak Wan, I went to the counter tempat claim my tax money lagi, banyak kraja jua eh kan men-claim tax ani.. And finally sebelum kami kan trabang sempat lagi tu singgah ke kedai purfume!! Hahaha.. I bought myself deodorant Calvin Klein the CK1 punya bau Hahahahaaa…

Anyway at 11pm kami boarding.. Goodbye Singapore, looking forward to come here bulan August nanti.. To Abang Mok and Kak Wan yang dgn kan shopping during one day trip di sana, THANK YOU VERY MUCHH to you.. Walaupun its just a one-day trip but its amazing, siuk shopping lari-larii..

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

AWAY For a week.. Kuala Lumpur, Here i come againnn....

Assalamualaikum.. Hello everyone.. Sorry pasal lama nada update this blog. Seriously i've been busy lately. Kerja pending banyak, News nda beranti masuk, itu ini itu ini.. In anyway i will be AWAY for a week starting today sampai Monday 10th May 2010... Kan merehatkan minda for a while pasal all these days kerja nda beranti 7 days a week.. So its time for me to relaxxxx and looking forward to go to Sunway Lagoon this weekend..

Will share with you pictures during di Kuala Lumpur.. See ya'.. Bye..