Saturday, September 22, 2012

St James School Open Day With My Performing Someone Like You, Hahahahaa !!!!

Hello everyone.. Welcome to my blog..Apa khabar semuanya.. Its Saturday the 22nd of September 2012.. Hari ani ada Open Day St James School.. Its such an event yang inda ku boleh miss datang setiap tahun altho' we just have a sit and eat around the school canteen Hahahahaa !!!! Anyway, this year's open day is the most yang paling tidak boleh dilupakan SEBAB aku kena suruh menyanyi Hahahahaa !!!! In the first place aku inda tau apa mahu nyanyi, finally ahhhh i go for Adele Someone Like You saja lah Hahahahaa !!!!

Enjoy the pictures as I enjoyed toured around :)

Snakes mini-exhibition presented by Brandon :)

A picture together with the school's teachers and co-mates Hahahahaa !!!!!

Bye everyone :)