Saturday, December 11, 2010

Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula

Hello everyone. Its weekend, baru tah ada masa kan update blog. Anyway this is my first tarantula. Its a dream come true to own them. This is my Chilean Rose Hair (Grammostola Rosea).. I bought this from Brandon during the Mini Zoo di DST Anniversary at Bridex Jerudong last week. I keep her at the Exo Terra terrarium.
Since my mama nda suruh beli ball python, so I decide to buy myself this T... She is brownish colour.. My next wishlist is the Mexican Red Knee and the Brazillian White Knee. Hahahahaa!!!!

Thats all for now.. See ya peeps..

My Bearded Dragon and Iguana Just Have a Sunbath.

This is the picture my Bearded Dragon and Iguana just finished their sunbath this morning.. Boring ku ehhh nada kan di update anii Hahahahhaaa!!!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mini Zoo At DST Anniversary, Bridex Jerudong

Hello everyone.. Its WEEKEND and its the DST Anniversary Carnival.. Last year i missed the event sebab Im away but this year im coming.. I only concentrate the Mini Zoo at the event Hahahahahaa...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Something new for my Bearded Dragon

Hello everyone, rasanya sudah lama hamba nda meng-upload blog ani Hehehee.. Actually nada apa-apa kan diceritakan sini.. Anyway recently i bought something new for my Bearded Dragon. I bought the corn cub for him..

This is the result. No more newspaper lagi, malas ku ngalih-ngalih menukar tiap hari Hahahahaa!!!!