Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hero Pet Mart Launched Their New Shop.

First of all congratulation to the owner of Hero Pet Mart for launching their new pet shop at Kuala Belait. Its been a while I didn’t see any new pet shop here in Kuala Belait. There is one at the back of Marilyn CafĂ© but was the old one, boring sudah :p

Anyway during the lunch time today, I brought my office mate to accompany me to the pet shop. That was around 12:15 and we were not hungry yet. I met the owner of the pet shop and I can see a smile on his face after receiving lots of costumers throughout the day.

Let me share with you the locaton of Hero Pet Mart. It is located beside the old Pasar Belait or you may know this place, infront of Brunei Press office or perhaps the same building with Jasra.

If you looking for hamster, rabbit, guinea pig, come over to this place. Im sure he will give you such a good price. Or maybe reptiles items such as water dish, bulbs, fixtures, plastic terrarium.. Or maybe cat cage.

Anyway I got to go now. Make your time to visit Hero Pet Mart. Before I go, I wish all the best and good luck to Hero Pet Mart and hopefully to see more animals such as lizard, reptiles or tarantula soon :)